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Aug 22, 2009

2008 Gujarat, Gondal
December 18-21, 2008
December 20
Capital of a former princely state, Gondal is located on the banks of Gondali River.

During the British period, the state of Gondal became known for its progressive, affluent and efficient administration. Its Judeja rulers introduced free compulsory education for children (including girls), sewer system, accessible irrigation for farmers, and banned veiling of women, and abolished taxes. The state earned its revenue from railway lines, which connected it with Rajkot and other inland cities with port towns of Pobander and Veraval.

We reached Gondal around sunset. We decided to go around downtown to get a few pictures before it got too dark.

We started at the Gateway to the Inner City.

The gateway opened up to a variety of vendors, shops, and offices.
The same was true outside the gateway.

There were als0 quite a few temples and mosques.

And there was a billboard with the picture of Prachi, a well-known Indian TV actress.
We then proceeded to the Swaminarayan Temple located just outside the town. It opened in 1934. An important pilgrimage site, hundreds of thousands of devotees visit the temple every year.

The temple has several rooms for pilgrims. We decided to spent the night there.


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