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May 31, 2012

2011, DEC 30: THAILAND, PATTAYA-Floating Market

For a long time, floating markets have been a part of the Thai culture, especially in cities and towns close to water bodies. In Pattaya, the Floating Market is located just south of the city. It was opened in 2008.

Tourists and locals, adults and children, all seem to enjoy spending time here.

The Market has its own functioning temple, which is dedicated to Hindu god Ganesha. When we reached there in the afternoon, evening prayers in Hindi and Gujarati were being offered. Also there is another shrine outside the market.

There is an extensive network of boardwalk and bridges allow visitors to walk get around the market. Also there are boats to ferry them through its canals. Some boat vendors sell Thai food.

Spread over 25 acres, it is reputed to be one of Thailand’s largest markets of its kind. It comprises of more than 100 shops and vendors.
Officially named as the Four Regions Floating Market, it is divided into four sectors. Each sector features food, clothing styles, arts and crafts from a different region of Thailand.
The market offers a picturesque sight at sunset, and ....

....when the market lights are turned on at night.

Before left the market some of us posed their faces behind a couple of Thai cultural cut-outs.
We ended the day with dinner at Zaika, an Indian restaurant in the Beach Road area. Restaurant is owned by Rajeev Jain, originally from Rajasthan (India). Food was to our taste and service was good.

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