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Nov 12, 2016


On October 20, 2016, our son Snehal and his wife Bhavna drove Kundan and me, for an overnight trip to Seaside, Oregon.

Snehal & Bhavna

Going along the U.S. Highway 26 West, we encountered many trees that had put on their yellow, reddish autumn garb.

Trees along Highway 26 West

Trees along Highway 26 West

About 27 miles from Portland, we passed through a tunnel. It took us across the Northern Oregon Coast Range of mountains. The 772 feet tunnel was completed in 1940.


We drove by an unincorporated community. It had Sip Stop marijuana dispensary.

In the United States, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Non-medical cultivation of and uses of marijuana was legalized in Oregon, in 2014. And next year, sale of marijuana to adult recreational users from authorized dispensaries was legalized.

Green Cross: Marijuana Dispensary Sign

Sip Stop Marijuana Dispensary

We reached Seaside late in the afternoon. 

According to Wikipedia, the name Seaside is derived from Seaside House, a summer resort, which had been built in the 1870’s by a railroad magnate.

Located about 85 miles from Portland, Seaside is a popular ocean-side town of about 6,500 people. It is spread out on both sides along US Highway 101.  

Businesses located along US Highway 101

Businesses located along US Highway 101

Thanks to my brother-in-law Rohit, and his wife Rita, at Seaside, we stayed at Worldmark by Windham resort by the sea.

Worldmark by Wyndham Resort, Seaside, OR

At the resort, we had a two bedroom condo. It was equipped with all the usual amenities, including washer, dryer, full kitchen and even spices!

Floor Plan of Two-bedroom Units at Worldmark by Wyndham, Resort

The resort is located at the Turnaround at the western end of Broadway Street. There is the 1.5-mile promenade by the Turnaround,

Turnaround on Broadway Street, Seaside, OR

Some people believe that the Turnaround marks the end of the historic Lewis and Clark trail.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had embarked on their expedition from St. Louis, Missouri, in May 1804. A steel arch at St. Louis memorializes them as well as others who had helped westward expansion of the United States.

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

  1. William Clark & Meriwether Lewis

Lewis & Clark trek westward

At the center of the Turnaround is a bronze statue of Lewis and Clark. The statue was created by Stanley Wanlass and erected in 1990.

Lewis & Clark Statue 

Lewis & Clark Statue 

On the statue, their Newfoundland Labrador dog, named Seaman, is shown sitting at the feet of Lewis and Clark. The dog is depicted holding a salmon, which it might have fished from the ocean.

Lewis & Clarks' Dog Seaman holding a aalmon

The base of the statue depicts scenes from the trek of Lewis & Clark, along with other motifs.

A scene on the base of the statue

A scene on the base of the statue

A scene on the base of the statue

A scene on the base of the statue

Yards and yards of the wide, sandy beach leads up to the Pacific Ocean. The popular beach is frequented by out-of-towners as well as locals.

People at the beach

We had dinner at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant.

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, Seaside, OR

Back at our condo, we spent some time playing Rummikub. This table game is similar to the card game Rummy, except that it is played with tiles.


Next day we shopped at the local Nike store.

Nike store,, Seaside, OR

Then we went for lunch at Angelina's Pizzeria and Cafe'. It is located on US Highway 101.

After lunch, we headed back home. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip.


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