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Sep 12, 2009

2008 Gujarat, Somnath
December 18-21, 2008

December 19

One of the 12 most sacred Shaivite sites, the temple city of Somnath is situated on the Arabian Sea.

Always thronged by pigeon & people, the Temple is believed to have been destroyed and rebuilt 17 times. It lay in ruins for over two-hundred years, until the most recent rebuilding started in 1951. Parts of it are still under construction.

Close to the temple there is workshop where various sculptures are being fashioned for the temple.

Being a popular place of Hindu pilgrimage, many groups of school children, are found around the temple all times of the day.

The way to the temple is lined with all sorts of vendors selling to pilgrims music, mementos, and objects of temple-offering.

In the evening, hundreds people gather on the beach below the temple, to sample food from various fast food vendors who line up along the temple wall,

to enjoy a camel- or horse-ride,

to play in the sea-water on the beach,

to have pictures taken with friends,
to enjoy the sunset,
or just to watch people.

We decided to spend the night at a small guesthouse near the temple. Next morning, we participated in the 7 a.m. prayers at the temple. Then after a quick breakfast at a nearby restaurant, we embarked on our drive to Junagarh, the ancient town 70 miles northwest of Somnath.


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