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Oct 21, 2013


This morning we traveled by our bus about 17 miles west of Vilnius to the historic Trakai, the “town of lakes.”  

Our progress was quite slow. Veronica, our Tour Director explained that in Lithuania there are only two seasons in Lithuania, winter and road repair. Both slow traffic.

After lunch we left for Riga, the capital of Latvia, with plans to visit on the way, the famous and popular Lithuanian monument, the Hill of Crosses.

The small town of Trakai is located in the Trakai National Historical Park that is believed to be the most beautiful part of Lithuania. Established in 1991, the Park celebrates the natural beauty of this lake-studded region, as well as commemorates the important historical events which took place here.

Trakai is located on a narrow peninsula, which divided Lakes Galvė, Totoriškės and Luka. These lakes are parts of an interconnected group that consists of about 30 lakes.

After it was founded in the early 14th century, by Gedminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Trakai became the first capital of Lithuania. Also the area witnessed several battles against the crusaders.

After the Lithuanian capital was shifted from Trakai to Vilnius, it lost its importance, but it continued be favored place of residence for most of the royalty and nobles of Lithuania. 

Standing on an island in Lake Galve, the majestic Trakai Castle is only one of its kind in Eastern Europe. Dating from the 14th century, it was completely rebuilt after the WWII.
Trakai Castle Across Lake Galve, Lithuania

Lake Galve, Lithuania

After the Medieval Europe’s most important Battle of Grünenwald in 1410, the former defensive fortress became the residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Ducal Palace complete with a defensive tower were built.

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Inner Court, Trakai Castle, Lithuania

The Castle has many lovely wooden galleries, stained glass, murals, secret passage and torture devices. 
Cage, Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Stock, Trakai Castle, Lithuania


Currently, it also houses a museum which displays a variety of objects including restraining devices, ducal seal, mail armor, and a cannon complete with cannonballs.

Cannon, Trakai Castle, Lithuania
Ducal Seal, Trakai Castle, Lithuania



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