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Dec 16, 2013


On November 20, Kundan and I flew to Orange County, California for a family visit.

But our hopes for enjoying sunny and warm climate of Southern California were dashed, as the cold and rainy weather of Oregon followed us even there. According a news report it was the first in a series of storm systems that had moved into Southern California on November 20.

Weather was really bad on Nov 21, as my brother-in-law, Rohit and his wife, Rita, drove us, about 85 miles on I-10 East to Palm Springs. It was steady rain most of the way. The rain-storm dumped up to six inches of water causing extensive flooding. Some San Bernardino streets turned into raging streams. Next day the same storm dumped up to 11 inches of snow in parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, before moving further east. Watch a live November 21 video report about the weather at

Rain stopped as we approached Palm Springs city limits, about two-hours later (but only to resume, on our way back later that afternoon).

Situated in the shadow of Mount San Jacinto, Palm Springs is a desert resort city in Riverside County of California. Starting in the early 1900's, its hot dry, sunny weather attracted health tourists and Hollywood personalities. Now home to about 46,000 residents, city's many attractions continues to draw tourists year around.

  Image: Rita, Rohit and Kundan outside the Mexican restaurant in downtown Palm Springs

After lunch at a Mexican restaurant, we drove around downtown taking pictures, including sculptures of two Indian women laborers at an intersection, a Cahuilla Indian maiden at a resort casino, etc.
Images: (Above) Two female Cahuilla Indian Laborers; (Bottom) A Cahuilla Indian Maiden


But the most impressive sight was that of the 126-ft tall "Forever Marilyn" sculpture of Marilyn Monroe by Seward Johnson. Made of bronze and stainless steel, this 34,300-pound iconic sculpture stands 26 Feet tall, in the heart of downtown Palm Springs.
Image: "Forever Marilyn"
The we headed for Crestline, a small town of about 11,000, near Lake Arrowhead, to spend night in my brother-in-law's cabin. The cabin is located in the hillside woods of the San Bernardino Mountains.
While there we entertained ourselves with good food prepared for us by Rita, and playing Rummikub, a game played with numbered tiles, just like the card game called, Open Rummy.
It rained all night. But in the morning, we woke up to a white blanket of snow that had covered everything around the cabin. Here are a couple of pictures for you.

Next I will write about our visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum.


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