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Oct 31, 2010


May 31, Continued

Huguang Guild Hall was our next stop. It was originally built in the middle of the 18th century as a center for business, entertainment and religious-social activities for migrants from the southeast and eastern China. A large complex of temples,


meeting and

tea rooms,

courtyards, and

gardens, it was opened to tourists in 2005 after renovations.

Our Guild Hall guide taught us to say “wall eye knee,” which in Chinese means, “I love you.”

We had a quick lunch at a local restaurant, and we left for the airport to board our flight to Lhasa.

After a couple of people from our group had checked in, it was discovered that my name was spelled wrong on our group’s Tibet Pass, a requirement for all foreign visitors to Tibet. Our boarding was stopped immediately, and we were told that none of us could fly to Lhasa until the problem is corrected.

Immediately Daisy sprung into action. After failing to persuade the airlines staff, she phoned her city office. They sent someone to get a new Pass issued for our group, with corrected spelling of my name. The Pass was faxed to the airlines office. Just a few minutes before the flight was due to take off, she managed to have all of us and our luggage checked in at a special counter, and raced us to the correct gate, just in time for our scheduled departure. And we were on our way to Lhasa!



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