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Jun 3, 2012


This morning our destination was Mt. Popa, the abode of Myanmar’s 37 nats (native spirits).

On the way, we had an opportunity to visit an informal, rustic workshop demonstrating some of the local industries.

Palm trees, which grow in abundance in the area are used in many different ways. The shell of palm fruits is used to make cups.
The trees are tapped for their sap;...

...which is distilled into liquor, and cooked to make jaggery.

And its trunk is carved to make water troughs for animals, and pots for plants. The thatched roofs are made from palm leaves.

Agricultural produce such as sesame seeds and peanuts (aka groundnuts) are crushed to produce edible oils.

Also Bagan is known for its family-run, generations-old lacquer-ware workshops. They also demonstrate multiple stages in which each piece of lacquer-ware is made over a fairly long period of time. Each object requires several coats of lacquer, and each coating needs lengthy time to dry, before another coating is applied. Round objects are usually made of bamboo, and square as well rectangular objects are made of wood.

On the way we also came across intercity buses, which were overflowing with people and their luggage.

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