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Oct 27, 2010


June 7 continued

After lunch in Suzhou, we boarded our bus to leave for Shanghai, where we were to stay until our departure from China on June 10.

Shanghai is the financial capital of China, and much bigger than Beijing. For example, there are 13 subway lines in Shanghai as compared to only 4 in Beijing.

According to Angela, our local tour guide, Shanghai was the most expensive place to live in China. Apartments cost $3,500 to $5,500 per square meter. In some areas, the cost was even higher – around 15,000 Yuan per square meter.

Also, she said that currently, in China, a couple could have two children, if both partners were from one-child families. And that Chinese were not allowed to have access to international TV channels.

On the way to our destination, we travelled on excellent highways and

city roads,


went through a toll-booth,

and passed by many modern, multi-storied residential developments and commercial buildings.

After arriving in Shanghai, Angela took us to a shopping center reputed to sell fake name brand goods. (Read a special report on faked goods in China “Inside the pirates' web” at

While Kundan and others went shopping, I went around to taking pictures of people and buildings in the area.

I even came across Obama Supermarket.

Soon it was time for dinner and to make way to our hotel.



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