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Oct 27, 2010


June 8

After breakfast this morning our first destination was the Oriental Pearl Tower (OPT), which is located by the Huangpu River, in Pudong.

With its height at 1,535 feet, OPT is the highest TV tower in China, and the third tallest in the world. It was completed in 1994.

Built on three big columns, it consists of three large spheres. The top sphere is known as the space module. There are also five small spheres, and three decorative spheres on its base. From a distance, the whole thing looks like a string of pears hanging from the sky.

At night,the tower has flashing colored lights.

The structure includes a hotel, a revolving restaurant, a coffee bar, a conference hall, a science-fantasy world, a theater, gift shop, a lobby, and sightseeing areas, besides radio and TV transmission facilities.

After going through stringent security check even water bottles are not allowed), you enter the spacious lobby. Then you line up for your turn at the speed elevators which take people up and down the tower.

The main sightseeing floor is at the height of about 863 feet. From here you can get a bird-eye view of Shanghai all around, including the Huangpu River below.

At another floor, 13 feet below is observation tower with glass floor, through which you can see things on the ground below.

The OPT was crowded. Some people elbowed their way in front of us. Also there were people who were quite friendly and even encouraged their children to converse in English with us.



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