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Jun 3, 2012


After lunch, we continued our sightseeing. First we visited the Gubyaukhyi Temple. This early 13th century temple has Indian-style spire.

Also there are tempera paintings on walls and ceilings, and some tiled floors.

Next we went to the Thatbyinnyu Phaya Temple, which is the tallest in Bagan. It was built in 12th
century, when architectural innovation, artistic creativity and Bagan’s political power were at their zenith. The complex included a monastery, a stupa and a temple.
At some distance to the west of the Thatbyinnyu Phaya, we visited an old and small Vishnu Temple.

The main shrine, which faces east, depicts a part of the Hindu creation myth. It shows Hindu god Vishnu, in the state of transition between sleep and awakening, lying on the serpent Sesha, which is floating on the primeval ocean of milk, when four-faced Brahma springs out of his navel, with the Vedas in his hands. However, in this temple the Vishnu image shows not only Brhama, but also Vishnu and Shiva springing out of the Vishnu’s navel.

Each of the other three sides has a standing figure of Vishnu. Each of his hands has one of his symbols, such as lotus (purity), club (authority). But unlike Vishnu figures in India, the figure here has two extra hands, and has some symbols like trishul (trident), which is associated with

Like the creation myth, this figure also reflects apparent confusion in the mind of their creator, which is not unusual in people living far away from home, in the days before travel was very difficult.

Next we visited Manuha Temple, which had been built in 11th century by a Mon king, who had been held captive in Bagan by King Anawrahta.

Named after the captive king’s name of Manuha, one characteristic of this temple is large statues of Buddha, built in narrow, confined spaces, probably reflecting discomfort of the Mon king during his captivity. Only the reclining Buddha at his mahanirvana (death) has a smile on his face, said to be reflecting king Manuha’s feeling of release from his suffering at his own death.

Finally we climbed up high steps to the top of the Ga Daw Palin Phaya to enjoy the panoramic view of the area. All around us, we could see many of the areas temples.

A majestic sunset was the fantastic way to end our sightseeing for the day

Back at our hotel, we tried to access our email at the computer in the lobby. But the computer was very slow. After waiting in vain for a very long time, we gave up. And we headed for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant nearby.

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