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Jun 1, 2012

2011, DEC 27: THAILAND, KANCHANABURI-Elephant Camp

At the WangphoElephant Camp,

...the first order of business was an elephant-ride.

After the ride, we go to a nearby river, where riders give elephants a bath.

Then riders get a surprise bath, when elephants start dumping water on them.

Next, the elephants dump their riders into the water.
It is followed by a demonstration by the elephants of lifting riders on their trunks.

Ladies wore funny environment-friendly hats.

Finally we feed bananas to elephants and bid them farewell, and proceed to a local restaurant for lunch.

After a 4-hour drive back to Bangkok, we were tired. We decided to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. But it turned out a big mistake!

Kundan and I ordered a vegetarian pizza. Apparently, we had difficulty communicating to the hostess what we meant by “vegetarian,” even though we had explained to her that we did not want any meat, fish, chicken or egg on our pizza. After waiting for one-half hour we were served with ham!

We explained to the hostess again that ham was meat, not a vegetable. She agreed to get us another pizza. We waited for another half-hour, and were served a pizza with chicken!

By this time we were at the end our rope. We decided to forego dinner at that restaurant. Upstairs in our hotel room, we made do with emergency food, which like always, we had brought with us from home.

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