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Oct 22, 2013


We ended up on Pilies Street, which is the main artery of Old Town. Also it is the hub of cafe and street market life.

The Town Hall Square is located at the end of the Pilies Street. City’s major annual fairs, celebrations and concerts are held in this square. It is also the site of the city’s main Christmas tree. Naturally, tourists come here to shop for souvenirs and to eat, drink or enjoy a cup of coffee at the area’s restaurants and cafes.

Town Hall Square, Vilnius

Town Hall Square, Vilnius
Town Hall Square, Vilnius

The city’s historic Town Hall is situated at one end of the square. The current neoclassical structure of the Town Hall was built in 1799. Lately it has been used during the visits of foreign state officials and rulers. Also local young people like to hang out on its front steps.
Town Hall, Vilnius
From the Town Hall Square we wandered through the area, which once was known as the Jewish Quarter, home to the city’s 70,000 Jews. The area, which comprised then of narrow little streets and alleyways was almost totally destroyed during the WWII. Since then wider streets have been laid out.


A Vilnius Street

A Vilnius Street

Now only a few inconspicuous plaques memorialize the old Jewish Quarter.
A Memorial Plaque, Vinius


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