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Oct 27, 2010


June 7 Continued

Next we were ready for a cruise on the Grand Canal, which runs through the middle of Suzhou.

About 1200-miles in length, the Grand Canal is believed to be the longest man-made waterway runs from Hanzhou in the south to Beijing in the north, and connects different river systems. Built section by section in different areas and dynasties before it was linked together by the Sui Dynasty (581-618), the Grand Canal contributed greatly to ensure that the Chinese primary economy thrived in past dynasties.

We started near the Marco Polo Bridge. Believed to have been built originally be Marco Polo, this stone-arch bridge has since been rebuilt. It is said that from this bridge Marco Polo declared Suzhou as the heaven on the earth.

The canal is lined with green beltways, modern buildings, traditional and residential structures.

Along the canal, lovers and fisherman find a quiet, peaceful place away from the noise of the city and public attention.



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