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Oct 25, 2013


Later in the afternoon, we headed out in our bus, for a 45-minute drive to a farmhouse, for a “Be My Guest Dinner,” a hallmark of our tour company.

Farmhouse Near Minsk, Belarus
The farmhouse is surrounded by a fields, a pasture, and a pond. Also it has a guest house. And a number of wood statues, at strategic locations, dot the property.  


Upon our arrival, our host greeted us with the traditional Belarusian bread-salt-vodka and music greeting.
Each of us broke a small piece from a large bread, dipped it in salt, before putting in his/her mouth, followed by a shot of vodka (or orange juice, for those who don’t consume alcohol).

Then our host gave us a long talk about his outfit. Also he showed us around his place, including his farmland. Some daring souls from us took him up on his invitation to milk some of his goats.

Next, we were escorted to the dining room.

During and after the dinner we were entertained with vocal and instrumental music by a local quartet, which included the host’s wife.

It was followed by playing of a bagpipe by another female musician. Finally, she also led us into a few local dances.
Then it was time to leave for our hotel to prepare for our early morning departure for the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.


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