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Oct 30, 2013


Formerly known as Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar's Village), the Catherine Palace is situated at Pushkin, 25 km south of St Petersburg.

Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia

A Gate, Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia


Surrounded by a gilded wrought-iron fence and gates,...



Formal Gardens, Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia
 and with formal gardens in front,...

this magnificent turquoise, white and gold Palace was built by Empress Elizabeth,...


Queen Elizabeth of Russia (Open Stock Photo)

on the land presented by Peter the Great in 1710...

Peter the Great (Open Stock Photo)
to his wife, who later became Catherine I. 
Catherine I (From a Painting)

One enters the Palace by the State Staircase.
 State Staircase, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
Rooms include the world-famous the Grand Hall,...

Grand Hall, Catherine Palace, Pushkin

...a ballroom,...
  Ballroom, Catherine Palace, Pushkin (Open Stock Photo)

drawing room,...


Blue Dining Room, Catherine Palace, Pushkin

and dining rooms, as well as...

White Dining Room, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
 the private quarters. 
Private Quarters, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
The Palace also has a world-renowned Amber Hall. Photography in it is not permitted.

Catherine Palace has some of the most beautiful Russian Baroque interiors. Also it has elegant furniture and its walls and ceilings are decorated with paintings and ornamentations made by the best artists of those times.
A Wall Decoration, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
A Ceiling, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
 Walls & Furniture, Catherine Palace, Pushkin
Walls & Furniture, Catherine Palace, Pushkin 

 Walls & Furniture, Catherine Palace, Pushkin

 A Desk, Catherine Palace, Pushkin


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