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Oct 25, 2013


The island of Tears is a small island.


It is connected to the historic Trinity district of Minsk by a footbridge.
It is home to a temple-shaped memorial to the Belarusian soldiers who lost their lives during Russo-Afghanistan War (1979-1988).

In front of the monument are black statues of with haunting figures of grieving widows, mothers, sisters of the soldiers. 

Inside the monument are 4 altars. Names of 771 soldiers are inscribed on the walls of these altars. Also it has metal plaque depicting a female angel (Probably Virgin Mary) blessing the nation's martyrs.

Another metal plaque shows female relatives grieving over the body of a fallen soldier, while a concerned angel holds on to his legs.

A path from the monument leads to a fountain, which features the statue of a boy-like angel who continues to literally shed tears for those lost in the violent conflict.

Guardian Angel of Belarus on Afghan War memorial Island of Tears

The penis of the angel is shinier than the rest, because of its frequent rubbing by new brides, who hope to be blessed with birth of children.

We also saw several ducks sunning themselves on the grassy banks of the island.

The Island is surrounded by modern-looking buildings.


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