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Oct 27, 2013


After breakfast, this morning most of our group went on an optional excursion to the Old Arbat Street and to see memorials to leaders and famous people at Novodevichy Park. But Kundan and I tagged along with four others for a leisurely visit to the GUM Shopping Mall, Manezhnaya Square, and Alexander Garden, before joining the rest of our group for a visit to the Kremlin in the afternoon. I will devote this installment to the GUM Shopping Mall.

Located in the Kitay Gorod part of Moscow, GUM, Russia’s largest department store, stands on the eastern edge of Red Square.
GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow

GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow

Like similar stores in many cities and republics of the former Soviet Union, GUM used to be the city’s main department store. But it has been totally transformed in the post-Soviet days. No longer known for long queues and empty shelves, now it has more than 1000 shops and restaurants, which are frequented by a large number of visitors, although not many can buy things sold there.
Poster, GUM Shopping Center, Moscow

The glass-roofed, three-story building is a good example of the 19th century Russian architecture, as well as a well-known tourist spot.
GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow
Its fountain is a popular meeting point for Muscovites as well as tourists.
Fountain, GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow

We spent some time taking pictures at the GUM.

GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow
GUM Shopping Mall, Moscow

Even a local model agreed to pose for me.

A local model

After lunch we ventured out to take a last look at the Red Square, and then proceeded out to visit Manezhnaya Square, and Alexander Garden.


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