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Oct 28, 2013


For the last couple of days, our hotel in St. Petersburg has been flooded with more a couple of thousand Muay Thai (Thai-style Kick Boxing) athletes from around the word, gathered here for a championship competition. Many of them had starved themselves for a few days for the weigh-in last night. Therefore this morning at the complimentary breakfast, they were devouring everything in sight. The staff was having hard time refilling buffet dishes.

With tickets in our hands, after lunch, we headed to the train station, to board our high speed train to Moscow.
High Speed Train Ticket
Waiting Room, St. Petersburg Station
Waiting Room, St. Petersburg Station

Platform, St. Petersburg Station
 Platforms St. Petersburg Station

Waiting for the Arrival of the High Speed Train
High Speed Train, St. Petersburg to Moscow
The train covers a distance of 650 kilometer in 4-1/2 hours, with four one- to two-minute stops on the way. On account of difficulty upgrading the train-track, the Siemens-built trains run below their 250 kilometers per hour speed capacity.
The train is has free Wi-Fi, and a dining car. Also, a vending cart makes a couple of rounds through the carriages selling drinks, and food.
Luggage is x-rayed before one enters the platform. Passports and tickets are checked upon entry to the carriages.


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