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Oct 28, 2013


St. Petersburg Train Station, Moscow
Upon our arrival at the Moscow station, we boarded our bus.

It took us about 1-1/2 hours to cover the distance of 5 kilometers to our hotel, because of congested roads.

In the evening, we received orientation to the Moscow Metro. As a part of our orientation, we boarded four different trains, at four different stations.

With 11 lines and more than 180 stations, Moscow Metro is one of the world's busiest rapid transit systems.

Moscow Metro Ticket Office (L) & Train (R)

Passengers in a Moscow Metro Carriage

And designed to glorify Soviet Russia, Stations have been built with reflective marble walls, high ceilings, and chandeliers.

 Moscow Metro Train Stations

 Moscow Metro Train Stations

Adorned with sculptures and mosaic floors and paintings, Moscow’s Metro Stations are unique works of art.

Moscow Metro Station Art
Our Metro orientation ended at the Theater Square. Then out in the cool and drizzling weather we wandered around the Red Square. We happened to be there at a time of military marching bands parading around to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the failure of the Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812.
Bolshoi Theater, Moscow
Around Red Square, Moscow


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